Assistant Manager - Quality Assurance - Contract Manufacturing in Glochem Industries

Job Posted on Mar 9, 2017

Company Name*:Glochem Industries
Venue*:G V Chamber, 7-2-C8 & C8/2,
IE Sanath Nagar,Hyderabad-500018,
Telangana State, India, Telangana 500018
Contact Person*:Swarna Latha
Email Address*
Job Department*:Quality Assurance
Job Title*:Assistant Manager - Quality Assurance - Contract Manufacturing
Qualification*:M Pharma, MSc, B Tech Chemical
Required in*:API Unit
Job Details*:Glochem Industries Limited, an API & Intermediates manufacturing company based at Hyderabad. We manufacture 10 APIs, two of which have a global market share of 10%-15%. Our manufacturing facility is located at Bollaram.
This job is for you if:
1. You like work where attention to detail is of the greatest importance.
2. You enjoy taking on complex challenges and solving problems.
3. You love designing and improving processes and procedures.

Position : Managerial
Department : Quality Assurance
Unit : Contract Manufacturing
Full / Part Time : Fulltime
Work Location : Hyderabad, India
Years of experience : 6+ years

Job Responsibilities includes but are not limited to:
1. Investigations for deviations, OOS, etc.
2. Change Management at vendor facility
3. Document Control
4. Vendor Qualification
5. Technology Transfer

If you are interested, please send your resume to
Regulatory Exposure*:Required
Audit Experience:USFDA
Experience*:6-10 Years
Vacancies *:2
Last Date*:20/03/2017
Note:Please send your resume to above email address to apply this job.

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