Warehouse Manager in Glochem Industries

Job Posted on Mar 9, 2017

Company Name*:Glochem Industries
Venue*:G V Chamber, 7-2-C8 & C8/2,
IE Sanath Nagar,Hyderabad-500018,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500018
Contact Person*:Swarna Latha
Email Address*:swarna.buravalli@glochemindia.com
Job Department*:Stores
Job Title*:Warehouse Manager
Qualification*:MBA, B.Sc, B.com
Required in*:API Unit
Job Details*:Responsible for verification of material received reports
Responsible for preparation of raw material, packing material, engineering material through indent/PO.
Responsible to coordinate for dispatch of finished goods.
Responsible for monitoring of Central Excise works.
Preparation of warehouse SOPs.
To coordinate with internal and external auditors/visitors during inspections
To maintain labelling for all the incoming and outgoing materials.
Responsible for periodical training on SOPs and safety precautions to persons
Responsible to ensure that MSDS for all raw materials, intermediate, finished products are in place.
Responsible for repacking of materials
Responsible for providing instructions during handling of hazardous chemicals.
Responsible to ensure GMP compliance with respective warehouse activities.
Responsible for monitoring controlled temperature areas.
Responsible for monitoring the LAF cabinets cleaning procedures.
Responsible to ensure that the appropriate status labels are maintained on the solvent storage tanks.
Responsible to dispense the solid and liquid materials and issue to production against material indent request.
Responsible to ensure the storage of raw materials, intermediates, finished products and packing materials in their designated places as per their quality release status.
Responsible to inward the materials and posting through SAP.
Receive the lab chemicals and miscellaneous items.
Responsible to issue of intermediates to production.
Responsible to issuance of raw materials, packing materials and engineering materials as per MIR/Indent.
Responsible to ensure daily calibration of weighing balances.
Responsible to clean the fork lift daily.
Responsible to check the functioning of horn, brake, oil.
Before starting the truck, check all control and alarm device. In case of any damages do not operate until it is repaired.
Responsible for analysis of intermediates, finished products, in process and packaging material samples.
Responsible for material shifted production to warehouse and warehouse to production.
Responsible for operation of stacker.
Responsible for cleaning of stacker.
Responsible for rejected and returned goods.
Responsible for stock return.
Responsible for issuance of solvents.
Responsible for cleaning of pallets and containers.
Responsible for maintenance of solvent yard.
Responsible for monitoring of ware house cleanliness.
Responsible to prepare physical stock statement for all engineering materials.
Preparation of engineering excise capital goods credits register.
Regulatory Exposure*:Required
Audit Experience:USFDA
Experience*:6-10 Years
Vacancies *:1
Last Date*:20/03/2017
Note:Please send your resume to above email address to apply this job.

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